Cuisines with a taste of Oga Seasonal Harvest

Cuisines with a taste of Oga Seasonal Harvest

The Peninsular of Oga is blessed with seasonal sea and mountain harvests of special characteristics. Come and experience the traditional local food of Akita, Oga specialty "Ishiyaki Cuisine" as well as a variety of dishes made with local seasonal ingredients.

Private Dining Ajisai

Private Dining "Ajisai"

At restaurant "Ajisai", private dining rooms where you can enjoy your meals with your family members and friends without having to worry about others, as well as small banquet halls that can accommodate up to 20 people are available. Enjoy seafood of Oga and local cuisines of Akita in your own private space.

Oga Specialty Ishiyaki Cuisine

Oga Specialty "Ishiyaki Cuisine"

The initial delicacy that was thought up by our sister building "Oga Hotel" with the aim to make cuisine created by the fishermen of Oga a long time ago available to more people, served as the basis to the "Ishiyaki Cuisine" available now at our restaurant. "Ishiyaki" is a splendid cuisine prepared by first inserting seafood into a bucket made with Akita cedar wood, and then heated to a temperature of 800°C. By adding red-hot stone into the bucket, the fire burns intensely and the cuisine is prepared. The impactful appearance and sound, together with the fragrance of miso soup, makes "Ishiyaki" a popular Oga specialty that can be enjoyed with your five senses.